Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I don't know what diaper to use!

These are the words I heard around 3am last night. Baby Pumpkin had had a rough day and my best defense for that was lots of feedings and diaper changes (she likes both of those things!). However, when nighttime rolled around we didn't have any pocket diapers in the diaper stack ready to go so my husband hit a stand still. We were also out of flannel wipes, so he picked up a prefold diaper and said "should I use this as a wipe?"

It's cute really. I am in the process of learning our system and I told him that once I figured out what worked for us (meaning me) I would teach him. No sense in both of us getting totally overwhelmed in this process!

Oh- and we had our single bum genius in the dryer so I grabbed that and we made it through the rest of the night with no leaks! Hooray!

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