Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me and My Boys- Planet Wise Bag Giveaway

One of the things I am still trying to figure out in cloth diapering is how to store my baby's dirty diapers until laundry time. Right now I am using plastic bags and then re-using them as trash bags. But, I am thinking it may be time to invest in an actual diaper bag for dirty diapers. So, I was pretty excited to see a giveaway on Me and My Boys for a Planet Wise Bag.

Details from the giveaway:

Planet Wise wet bags are the perfect alternative to using plastic bags, therefore they are helping the environment. Each Planet Wise wet bag is sewn with hidden seams and sealed to eliminate wicking and leaking which is great because whatever is in there, you don't want leaking out! Their wet bags are also designed to resist odors and stains so it is the perfect place to keep wet smelly things hidden until you are ready to wash!

Planet Wise wet bags are not just for diapers! They are perfect for carrying other wet and dirty items such as swimsuits, shoes, cosmetics, gym clothes and more. They are sold in 3 different sizes so there is a perfect size no matter what your needs are!

Check out the details for a chance to win!

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