Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh -just use a disposable

I am having a hard time letting go of the two full bags of disposable diapers that we still own. They are sitting on our couch in the living room to remind me to find them a new home. I actually have a neighbor with a baby one week younger than my baby so I suspect that she can use them. I just have this fear that once I let them go I will need them. (This is unfortunately a somewhat common problem for me)

So tonight I realized that I don't have any pocket diapers that are clean and ready to go. Pocket diapers are the "dad diapers" and we only have 3 of them. Well, today the baby was having a major case of the fussies all day (this happens after vaccines) and when my husband got home he let me lay down for a nap. When he asked if there were diapers ready for him I said "Oh, just use a disposable". And what he said shocked me. He said "I really need to learn how to do prefolds instead. Otherwise we are going to end up with a mess".

So my husband, who was kind of on the fence with cloth diapering... and definitely a spectator with prefolds, now wants to learn the ropes. I am pretty excited about that. I really should give away those diapers tomorrow, it would be like a Thanksgiving present.

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